There are so many ways we can partner together! To have the biggest impact we created shortcuts to click on. We dig creativity here, so please free to build upon our suggestions below:

Find an option that you may be interested in

Bottom line, it takes funding to complete our projects in the field. A BioSand Filter provides clean water to a family in need indefinitely for $100. A well project can begin at $3,500, depending on the size of the project, and can mean a school full of healthy students or an orphanage helping their children begin a life healthy and successful life.

The list below describes ways you and your company can partner with us to provide health and life to people in need.

Rep our Merchandise

Most purchases provide a family clean water for an entire year! Imagine the conversations you could start by telling people t-shirts can save lives! To encourage sustainability, we also have joint ventures with other organizations. Purchases of their beautiful, handcrafted items are providing locals trade skills and business trainings, encouraging sustainability for themselves and their families.

Social Media

Our biggest ally in the fight against the global water crisis is exposing it on social media. This is a great way for you to tell your family, friends and followers to check out what Love-Water is doing, or create your own campaign. Have fun with it, it’s exciting to change lives! To make it as easy as possible to remember, all of our social media is @lovewaterorg with #neverthirstyagain

Create a mini-fundraiser

Using our online platform, Crowdrise, you can create your very own fundraiser to help Love-Water reach those in need. You can do anything you can think of (out of the box thinkers, this is a great way for you to shine)! Create your own custom fundraising page, and have your network support our work through your page. Together, we will be the change that those affected by water crisis need.

Monetary Contribution

Commit to making a difference and saving lives by giving hope through a monthly gift, or a one time donation.

Host Love-Water at an event

Know of an event in your area coming up? College campus, high schools, health fairs, etc. Find out who’s hosting it and inquire if Love-Water could set up a table and be willing to staff it, or forward info to us.

Host a Love-Water fundraising event

Do you have the gift of socializing, planning and partying? You can save lives with that! We will team up with you and support you as you throw your own fundraiser. Have fun with it! We won’t put regulations on you (within common decency).


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