The overall point to our trips is to show life in a developing country and the challenges people face. We want to show you and let you experience what LoveWater is doing to help in the area of clean water. And ultimately, we would love to be able to work with each traveler when you return to help you get involved with LoveWater in any of many ways. We also encourage pretrip funding of one of our project areas, BioSand Filters or Community Projects. This always adds more value to your trip, to actually be able to place a filter you funded or meet the community members of a Community Project. See below to read how one family is doing this!

Our org is set up to not only provide clean water to people in need but to also help the employment of the countries we work in. Our work is not dependent on our trips. It happens with or without our physical involvement. You will get your hands dirty and you will work, but it is not overwhelming and you do not need training.

Accommodations are the nicest available. We want to provide safety on our trips and therefor pay a little extra to ensure that. We only eat at established and reputable restaurants to ensure health safety and therefor pay a little extra to ensure that. We hope for hot water and A/C but sometimes it’s just not available.

We work in the toughest areas in the countries we are partnering with. This can be overwhelming at times. As such, it’s not recommended that small children be considered. There are families who work with their children already and in this case we can discuss case by case. We do not want to discourage anyone from going and believe there is no age limit on changing the world. But this isn’t a vacation trip and we can’t make special accommodations for children. We don’t want to bring anyone on a trip and just show the hard and ugly parts of a country, so we try to also show the beauty. We plan site seeing, beach stays, wild game camp stays as we can.

This is NOT a National Geographic tour. We don’t want to take you into poor areas or orphanages just for Instagram photos. If we are actively involved in an orphanage or feeding program, then we will allow for photos in order for you to tell the story of these amazing people’s struggle and beauty and how LoveWater and you can provide new opportunity to these communities. The utmost respect and consideration is given when filming and photographing on our trips. We have to put ourselves in their shoes and be considerate while capturing the needed information to bring back in order to try and tell the story.

This is NOT a “mission trip”. By nature of our humanitarian and charitable work, we partner with many local faith based organizations and local pastors. We respect the work they are doing and joining a prayer time or church celebration is totally optional but may happen on our trip. The location of our projects are sometimes best located at churches to facilitate maintenance and are generally centrally located. It is ALWAYS part of our agreement that access to the project is NEVER dependent on a community members faith or church attendance.

****Special Note- We must emphasize that we make every effort to create a meaningful and enjoyable trip, but it is 3rd world and it is a very different culture and as such, some plans can fall through at times or change. We would just ask that you be fluid and flexible in this case.




“About 2 years ago I read an article in Time magazine about choosing a worthy cause for charitable donations.  They stated that the very best thing you can do to help the most people with every dollar you donate is to give to a charity that provides clean drinking water in underdeveloped countries. This is the way to save the most lives for every dollar spent. Coincidentally, about a week later I received an email from a friend of mine about Love Water.

It was started by a firefighter in California who has made it his mission to raise money to do just that, build wells and install water filters in poor communities in Africa and Nicaragua. I did some research and decided to go on a trip with Love Water in 2015. We visited the poorest communities in Nicaragua and I was able to actually see how my money was put to work saving lives. The money we raised was used to build a well in one of the larger communities there and in the smaller ones, we were able to install biosand filters for each family. Now these people will have clean safe drinking water for life.

This past summer, I took my 17 year old son with me so he too could see how much of difference we could make it these peoples lives by continuing to raise money back home. I would encourage everyone with a giving heart to look into Love Water and learn more about this organization. It is an amazing way to help humanity!”
Yvette Quisling


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