One of the ideas I live my life by is to have such an impact on the life of others that it will be impossible for the world to fill your shoes but be challenged by the legacy you leave. There are few that live this way.
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My dad was one of them. John Sherley finished his race like he finished every run we ever did… with a sprint. Granted he physically slowed down in the end, his “do your best” spirit never wavered one bit. A man of his word and never afraid of the truth. So so much to be missed, learned from and inspired by. I am raising funding to do a well in his honor. While he was never able to go on a trip with me and personally see my work, he always asked how they went, how Love Water was doing and was proud of the impact I was having for the Kingdom. I will always believe ONE person CAN make a difference because I’ve seen the difference he has made and the difference I am making. Anyone who met my dad knew he cared about meeting them. He remembered everyone and everyone remembered him. Live a life that leaves people knowing you cared because loving and being loved is what this is all about. He made a difference in so so many lives. His most common questions I heard him ask were “If you died right now, do you know where you’d spend eternity?” and “How can I pray for you?” He was concerned with your eternal soul and your present soul. I would be remiss if we didn’t focus on both aspects with Love Water as well. We show God’s love through clean water. I would be honored to have your support for this project specifically to honor my dad and show God’s love and the love of my dad for people most deserving of love. On behalf of our family, Thank you. His proud son, Jake Sherley Headman, Love Water